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To develop a 10 year strategy for Hockey to ensure long term and sustainable growth for the sport and be relevant to a mass global audience. After finding itself on the brink of losing its Olympic place hockey needed to make a massive step change, faster and further than at any time in its history and mark a new revolutionary era.


To develop a 10-year strategy for hockey that would unite the hockey family at every level. With no existing strategy in place this project defined the overall ambition and vision for the sport and identified the key goals to achieve this. Working across the organisation were major initiatives, which lay at the heart of the Revolution, and were created to support the success of the strategy.

In addition to working with the International body a programme to engage and empower the Continental Federations and National Associations was vital to create real momentum to drive the sport forwards. The Hockey Revolution was launched at the FIH’s AGM in Marrakesh.