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To re invent and create a brand new portfolio of events for Hockey, from scratch, that would have greater appeal for broadcasters, fans, athletes and ultimately would completely transform the sport. Turning what were events that lacked profile, had zero interest and poor commercial value into impactful events that were BIG, BOLD, PACKED and LOUD.

The value that creating a new event portfolio has had on Hockey is unprecedented. Engaging the broadcast partners early on and ensuring that they were at the table for key discussions has meant that our commercial rights are now worth millions.


This was a highly strategic and complex project, which involved multiple stakeholders, partners and suppliers, agencies and National Associations. The events needed to all work together in the portfolio, be commercially viable in their own right and have very clear positionings.

The pinnacle was the creation of the Hockey Pro League – a new semi-professional home and away league for hockey. Its development included designing the event format, valuing and costing the event, defining the selection criteria for teams, naming the event and developing the logo and brand look and feel. It was launched in London and generated mass excitement through a highly creative and innovative reveal idea and supporting media communications campaign.